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Preparing country properties for sale can create their own unique challenges. They often require more than the de-cluttering of closets and painting in neutral colors that applies to all homes. With a bit of preparation, we will help you avoid a variety of issues that can kill or derail a transaction. Property surveys, easements, government programs, title searches, and home inspections...they all take on new meaning when buying and selling a rural property. Home Quest Realty representatives navigate these aspects so that they don't become issues or major hurdles for buyers and sellers.

Property Survey

Especially if you are splitting an existing property, but even if you aren't, a survey can expose issues that may then be cleared up before a buyer becomes involved. Surveys give buyers a sense of security as they "know" what they're buying. At times, just an acre or two one way or the other can mean the difference between a quick profitable sale and a property that stays on the market for years. Home Quest understands the nuances of parcels and zoning.


Easement often involve a third party which adds another layer to the complexity of rural properties Home Quest strongly recommends reviewing easements early in the sale process. Older easements can be critically vague. Aside from the width, length and legal description of the easement centerline, we'll want to find out if it’s exclusive or non exclusive (others may use it). If more than one party has use of it, assuring there is an agreement in place that clearly delineates who is responsible for maintenance is also important.

Title Search

Home Quest will help resolve title "surprises" that can can derail a sale/purchase by getting a preliminary title search done at the time of listing. Title searches provide a comprehensive search of public records, maps and documents that disclose any recorded easements, liens and encumbrances. Potential deal breakers can be uncovered with a title search and resolved before an offer is written.

Home Inspection

Home inspections are crucial at the time of listing for any property, but especially for rural homes. While they are generally done after an offer is made, completing it up front allows for repairing any defects that may be discouraging for a buyer. It also puts the seller in a stronger position to negotiate with confidence.