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Historic Homes

Southern Oregon is home to many residences considered of historical significance — from the quaint Gold Rush town of Jacksonville to old East Medford and the original homestead farm houses throughout the valley. Whether you have a penchant for old world charm or you are interested in selling your pride and joy, we got you covered. We are well versed in what it takes to find and sell these special gems.

These are the homes that have witnessed the Turn-of-the-Century, the Great Depression, two world wars and 20 presidencies. Due to their uniqueness, these homes require (and deserve) special understanding of their histories, their idiosyncrasies, and their individual appeal when the decision is made either to sell or purchase. In addition to being wonderful and unique homes, they are characterized by established neighborhoods, quality building and mature landscaping.

Home Quest Realty has proudly serviced these historic areas. Our agents are highly trained in matters concerning historic areas and properties and have a deep appreciation for historic preservation.

A listing with Home Quest means that a home receives the best marketing in the profession, including national and international advertising and quality promotional materials aimed at those with a strong interest in period homes and historic neighborhoods.

Additionally, Home Quest's staff is trained to provide prospective buyers with a wide range of valuable knowledge. Specializing in historic homes for sale, we can give you professional advice that comes from years of experience in this field.